ENVY: Trump Won Millions More Votes In 2016 Than Romney in 2012

ENVY: Trump Gained Hundreds of thousands Extra Votes In 2016 Than Romney in 2012

Twice-failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claims he broke ranks in the course of the Senate’s impeachment trial and voted to convict President Donald Trump of obstruction of Congress and abusing the workplace of the presidency as a result of he’s “profoundly non secular” and a person of God.

The Utah Senator, who famously opposed Trump’s candidacy in 2016, repeatedly characterised his motivation to oust Trump throughout his eight-minute speech on the Senate ground as being motivated by a “good religion dedication to God” and the reality and his “oath to the structure.”

“I swore an oath earlier than God to train neutral justice. I’m profoundly non secular,” he mentioned. “My religion is on the coronary heart of who I’m. I take an oath earlier than God as enormously consequential.”

Romney’s back-stabbing actions have left many people perplexed. Why did he do it? Is he a sociopath?  Is he chasing approval from the institution? Is he participating in self-aggrandizement, milking his short-term self-importance on this impeachment charade? Is he a Democrat secret asset? (Sure!)

The age-old motive that has pushed man in direction of reckless sabotage of their sensibilities is undoubtedly one of many underlying motives driving his treachery:


After spending tens of millions of {dollars} of his personal cash throughout his second bid for the presidency, Romney grew to become the embodiment of the best blown alternative in trendy American politics.

Trump’s 2016 vote totals demolished Romney’s 2012 vote totals in almost each state throughout the nation.

In Alabama, as an example, Trump’s 373,721 votes in 2016 have been 193,385 votes greater than Romney’s 180,336 votes in 2012.

In Arizona, the businessman gained 47,576 extra votes than the previous Massachusetts Governor.

Within the swing state of Florida, which Romney misplaced to President Obama within the normal election, Trump beat Romney by greater than 300,000 votes.

Within the vital state of Ohio, Trump gained 713,404 votes in Ohio, within the 2016 main, 252,573 votes greater than Romney’s 460,831 within the 2012 main.

Even in Romney’s house state of Massachusetts, Trump trounced Romney by greater than 46,000 votes.

In Trump’s house state of New York, the America First candidate carried out 4 occasions higher than Romney did 4 years earlier, receiving 515,091 votes in 2016 whereas Romney obtained 118,912 votes within the Empire State in 2012.

Trump gained a staggering 2,122,557 extra votes within the 2016 main race than Romney did within the 2012 cycle. The political outsider obtained 8,776,586 votes in states that held primaries or caucuses or conventions, whereas Romney obtained 6,654,029 votes in those self same states in 2012 – a 31.79 p.c enhance over Romney’s totals.

Trump electorally surpassed Romney within the following states and territories: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Breitbart Information first compiled this knowledge evaluation in 2016 utilizing Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections at USElectionAtlas.org, a database extensively utilized by teachers and media organizations together with the New York Occasions, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell.

President Trump additionally beat Mitt Romney by 2 million votes within the normal election and amassed extra help in a presidential election than any Republican candidate earlier than him.

Now, the identical people who hated Romney in 2012, who claimed he was a “racist” and a “nazi” and the epitome of soulless company greed are singing his praises.

As a result of “The enemy of my enemy is my buddy.”



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