CNNs Harwood: Romney, Pelosi Have Deep Faith, Care About Right vs. Wrong, Unlike Trump

CNN’s latest White Home Correspondent John Harwood appears to be making an attempt to outdo Jim Acosta together with his sanctimonious takes on President Trump. On CNN Newsroom Thursday Harwood defended Senator Mitt Romney [R-UT] and Democrat Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi as folks of “deep religion” who have been performing out of their conviction of “proper and improper” to question the president, which was one thing that faithless and corrupt Trump had no understanding of.

Host Jim Sciutto began off by gushing about Romney’s vote being a “large blow” in opposition to President Trump, inviting Harwood to elaborate. Harwood fortunately obliged, feigning outrage at Trump attacking Romney for claiming his “religion” was the explanation why he voted to question. Harwood lectured that Trump simply “doesn’t perceive” morality, proper and improper, like Pelosi and Romney, folks of “deep religion”:

It is a large blow to the president. I believe we have now to step again and take into consideration the 2 clips you performed earlier than as illustrating who these two males are. Mitt Romney, like Nancy Pelosi, for that matter, is an individual of deep religion. By the whole lot an outsider can see, President Trump just isn’t an individual of religion. He transacts political enterprise with folks of religion. He doesn’t present any indication that he even acknowledged summary rules just like the distinction between proper and improper or morality or values. He’s involved about Donald Trump.

And so in his remarks on the prayer breakfast, whereas speaking about inventory market values and ballot numbers, he goes after Pelosi and Romney on this approach and on-line, he and his household are much more viciously going after Mitt Romney, casting, you understand, questions on his masculinity and portraying him as shady. All of these items are — they present Donald Trump for who he’s. He calls Romney sanctimonious. The explanation Donald Trump thinks persons are sanctimonious is as a result of the ethical issues that go into their choices, he doesn’t perceive these. That doesn’t compute with him.

A short while later, the liberal hosts tried to rub it in panelist and Trump lawyer Jim Schultz’s face that allegedly Ted Cruz believed the Ukraine telephone name was a “quid professional quo” state of affairs. Schultz remarked that “didn’t matter,” it mattered that they voted to acquit Wednesday:

“It does not matter what they assume by way of whether or not it was proper or improper. The underside line, it wasn’t an impeachable offense, which is the protection placed on by the president’s workforce,” Schultz shot again. Harwood wasn’t carried out together with his condescending evaluation.

“Effectively, that could be a good approach of summarizing the state of affairs in case you do not care concerning the distinction between proper and improper! However Mitt Romney does care concerning the distinction between proper and improper,” Harwood sneered.

He praised Romney as exposing his Republican colleagues’ “tortured explanations” for acquittal:

“One of many causes so many Republicans are indignant at Mitt Romney, not simply the president’s household, is that he has stripped bare the — he has stripped bare the tortured explanations they gave for absolving the president of one thing that’s — our colleagues have reported. Ted Cruz stated privately, they know that he did,” Harwood gushed.

That was the final phrase CNN host Poppy Harlow gave to the panel.


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