Author Doug Wead Stalked in “Elaborate Threat” for Writing Pro-Trump Book – “Inside Trump’s White House” (VIDEO)

Creator Doug Wead Stalked in “Elaborate Risk” for Writing Professional-Trump E-book – “Inside Trump’s White Home” (VIDEO)

The one licensed biography hits the shop cabinets at this time – “Inside Trump’s White House.”

Presidential historian Doug Wead joined Stuart Varney on Varney and Co. on Tuesday to debate his Trump biography that goes on sale at this time.

Wead instructed Stuart Varney as a result of he wrote the e-book he’s receiving very detailed loss of life threats.


Doug Wead: “It’s a really elaborate menace with particulars about my life and my kids and extra adopted. So it’s a critical factor. I acquired one final evening on the resort the place I used to be staying.”

Creator Doug Wead then went on to explain his experiences with the Trump household whereas writing his e-book. Wead is a YUGE Trump fan.

The e-book must be distinctive!

Through Varney and Co.:

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