“There’s No Reason to Call Me as a Witness!” – SCHIFF SQUIRMS When Asked About Testifying Before the US Senate (VIDEO)

“There’s No Cause to Name Me as a Witness!” – SCHIFF SQUIRMS When Requested About Testifying Earlier than the US Senate (VIDEO)

Adam Schiff went on Meet the Press on Sunday morning to debate his failed week of sham impeachment hearings.

Chuck Todd: You have to be a witness. They could need to name you.

Adam Sciff: Properly, look. If the Senate needs to name me as a witness, then they beautiful a lot made the choice to not take this course of significantly. I’m not a truth witness. I used to be the chairman of one of many committees doing the investigation. I’m not within the footwear of a particular counsel. I don’t work for the Justice Division. All I can relate is what the witnesses mentioned within the deposition and within the open hearings. And that’s no cause to name me as a witness.

In fact, Shifty Schiff omitted that he lied about assembly with the anti-Trump whistleblower Eric Ciaramella earlier than he filed his criticism in opposition to President Trump.

So Adam Schiff is a truth witness regardless of what he tells shameless Chuck Todd.


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